“How much do I need to know about my partner’s sexual past”…a post by Dr. Moore

This issue comes up all the time with high school and college students, as well as young adults that I have personally talked to.  Just several years ago a friend of mine who is currently in the ministry and doing wonderful things called me to ask me what I would do if I had found out that my fiance had one or several sexual partners. My reply was – what does the Word say?  How should you view that person?  If you are at the point of marrying this individual (which he was) should her sexual indiscretions hinder you from a life-long committment?  Should her past actions preclude you from reciprocating love and committment?  And what measure of “righteousness” would be satisfactory for you? And what measure would be unsatisfactory?  In addition, do you in some way believe that you’re deserving of someone untainted, unblemished and untouched by sin?  And if so, why?  Have you thought about the truth of Jesus’ word that though you may not have physically offered yourself to someone you have “given yourself” many times over in your mind through the lustfulness of your heart? 

All that to say, these aren’t extremely hard questions to answer;  gospel-centeredness and Christ-likeness will compel us to exercise love, grace and mercy to those that we don’t believe deserve it because we understand that we didn’t deserve it either…and still don’t.

This is a powerful word from Dr. Moore – please take the time to read it. 

By the way, they got married and are doing wonderful.

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