Inspiring, challenging video concerning missions

Everytime I watch this video God stirs in my heart a desire to abandon my comfortable, convenient life here in the states and go to Asia to tell people about Jesus.  Truly, I’d go tomorrow. Enjoy the video.  And if after watching this video there isn’t in some capacity a stirring of passion to tell people about Jesus then what you need to do is avail yourself to the grace and mercy of Christ because no child of God can be confronted with such darkness and such urgency and not feel some compulsion to pray, send or go.

2 thoughts on “Inspiring, challenging video concerning missions

  1. There’s a problem with that video in the very first frames. “There are only 100,000 missionaries in the world today…” I thought all Christians were given the Great Commission.

    • Justin, I’m okay with the video. I understand your point though…we’re all missionaries; that sounds so cliche, but its absolutely true. A comment such as the one you commented about can lend itself to create a false dichotomy. Thanks bro.


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