Thomas Watson on repentance

Thomas Watson Repentance

In Thomas Watson’s book The Doctrine of Repentance he gives several aspects of true, biblical repentance. For a free PDF copy of his book click here.

  • Observation of sin (Acts 26:18; Luke 15:17). Without a sense of sin there is no humiliation; that without humiliation there can be no repentance; and that without repentance there can be no escape from the wrath of God
  • Sorrow or remorse for sin (Ps 38:18; Isa 55:7)
  • Confession of sin (Ps 32:5; James 5:16). Confession is agreement (homologeo – literally means to say the same thing and means to agree w/someone). Confession should be voluntary, specific, sincere and with resolution not to act on them again. Confession is also recognition of guilt and formal admission of this to God and any others wronged.
  • Shamefulness of sin (Ezek 43:10; Luke 15:17-21)
  • Hatred of sin (Ezek 36:31)
  • Turning away from sin (Isa 55:7; Ezek 14:6; Hosea 6:1; Acts 26:20)

Are these characteristic of the repentance exemplified in your life?


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