5 Signs that the Spirit is being taken seriously

Taking Doctrine Seriously

  1. Pursuing personal holiness, practicing the disciplines of discipleship and making full use of the means of grace and growth (Bible reading, daily prayer, regular fellowship, active worship and witness, and sharing in the Lord’s Supper).
  2. Seeking congregational renewal, in worship, fellowship, maturity, and outreach, with pastor and people collaborating to ensure that all minister and are ministered to with the gifts for service that the Holy Spirit has given.
  3. Studying and adhering to sound doctrine, because it is the truth that the Spirit teaches in and from Scripture that is the means through which he feeds and brings health and strength to believer’s hearts.
  4. Working and praying for the spread of the gospel, and the extension of Christ’s kingdom throughout the world — the grand project that the Spirit has been given to energize (see John 16:7-11).
  5. Trusting, loving, adoring, thanking, praising, and aiming to please the Lord Jesus Christ, their Savior and friend, whom the Spirit is with us and in us to glorify (John 14:6).

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