Are you a peaceable person?

Peaceable people lay aside warlike traits: defensiveness, aggression, criticism, self-justification, scoring points, touchiness to offenses. These moral weeds — the ‘filthiness and rampant wickedess’ that comes from the anger of man (James 1:20-21) — get plucked up by the roots and begin to wilt. Sweet fruit begins to grow as the Word of God and…

4 Causes of Anger from James 4:1-3

The heart causes of anger from James 4:1-3 are… Entrenched, battling desires and pleasures. What desires are warring in your heart? Unmet ruling wants and desires. What’s ruling your heart? Coveting and envy. What are you grasping and greedy for? Selfish motives (even for good things). What’s the real reason you want what you want?