What’s my blog about…

Though blogs have been around for several years, I’ve just now succombed to the onslought and have started one myself (with the help of a highly intelligent friend – thanks “B”).  I’m certain this blog won’t offer any profound insights or statements; it’s merely going to be a venue for me to put my thoughts on “paper.”  I’ve always found that I think through issues more thoroughly when I actually have to articulate them into sentences and then paragraphs (hopefully, my thoughts more often than not will amount to more than 2-3 sentences – this probably won’t be a struggle, seeing as I have the propensity to be more loquacious than taciturn…you’re getting the picture already).  This blog will consist of my thoughts and interactions with things that I love: Jesus, the Scriptures, my family, current books I’m reading, and miscellaneous thoughts about any number of things.  What this blog will not be is a venue for me to share vehement disagreements with theological systems, issues or people that I may or may not have.  There’s enough of that already out there and I truly don’t want to be a part of that – not that any of you expected or cared?  For those of you who are still reading, thanks.

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