Adopted for Life

Becoming a parent via the process of adoption has opened my eyes to many things.  Though I could write for hours about how God revealed Himself time and time again as gracious, sovereign, and loving throughout the process of adopting Lucianne into our family as our daughter, I’m not going to do that (but I will write about this in the future – God rightly deserves the praise).  I could also spend hours writing about the overwhelming pressure I feel as a parent to raise my child to honor and glorify Christ; part of the pressure stems from the fact that I don’t always do this as faithfully as I should in my own life and now I’m responsible for someone else!  I could also spend ample time letting you know about the wonderful joys of being a parent: reaching down to pull her from her crib while she smiles ear-to-ear (she always wakes up with a smile – seriously, it’s unbelievable), the anticipation of seeing Luci after a long days work, changing her diapers (yes, even this is a blessing at times – ok, so maybe I’m being a little overjoyful!), feeding her, bathing her, singing to her, reading the Bible to her, praying over her, getting down on the floor and watching her play, seeing my wife’s face light up like the fourth of July everytime she looks at Luci or any number of other things.  But what I do want to do is to direct your attention to a book that has has been out for several months now.  The book is entitled “Adopted for Life: The Priorities of Adoption for Christian Families and Churches” by Dr. Russell D. Moore.  I’m in the process of reading it right now – I even had the great blessing of Dr. Moore signing it and writing some comments to Luci; I intend on giving her this book when she’s older.  It speaks practically about adoption, guiding the reader through the process, as well as dispelling rumors and answering questions couples might have about adoption or questions they may be asked once they have adopted.  But most significantly, Dr. Moore speaks to the theology of adoption by way of making the biblical parallel from a couple adopting a child into their family to God the Father adopting a man or woman into His family as a son or daughter through Christ Jesus the Son (John 1:12).  It has revolutionized my understanding of God’s adoption of me into His family and I’m quite certain it will for countless others.  To see a short video by Dr. Moore in which he gives the impetus for his book go to MOORE to the POINT.  Enjoy the video and go buy the book.

One thought on “Adopted for Life

  1. Great words brother. I have the book and hope to get to it soon. I am sure it is a great read.

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