Transitions are always bitter-sweet; well, I shouldn’t say always because that does assume that the place the individual is transitioning from is one they love, which is the premise of my description of transitions as “bitter-sweet.” Recently, my family has undergone several transitions. However, those transitions will not be the topic of this post – maybe at a later time. This post is to give a “shout-out” to Dr. Brandon Shields, who has accepted a Teaching Pastor position at First Baptist West Palm Beach. While my family is currently searching for a senior pastor position and waiting patiently (ok, not all the time) Brandon has been a great friend whom I can rely on for incessant encouragement, laughs and an occasional rebuke. For him the transition is bitter-sweet, but also for me. I’m stoked for he and his family as they make the trek to south Florida, (though I think once he experiences the heat of Florida he’ll quickly miss the seasonal weather that blesses the Ohio Valley here in Louisville, KY). So on this fine Labor Day as I sit and relish in the blessing of family and relaxation I’m reminded of people in my life I love, respect and care for deeply – congrats “B” you made the list…ha!

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