The Four Domains of Leading Like Jesus

Lead Like Jesus

Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges state, “leading like Jesus involves the alignment of four leadership domains: heard, head, hands, and habits” (31). This post will be a simple explanation of each of those domains.

  1. Heart. “Leadership is a first a spiritual matter of the heart. Whenever you have an opportunity or responsibility to influence the thinking and the behavior of others, the first choice you are called to make is whether to be motivated by self-interest or by the benefit of those you are leading. The heart question that Jesus asks is, ‘Are you a servant leader or a self-serving leader?'” (31-32).
  2. Head. “The journey to leading like Jesus starts in the heart with motivation. Your intent then travels through another internal domain, the head, which examines your beliefs and theories about leading and motivating people” (32).
  3. Hands. “Others will experience and observe what is in your heart and head when your motivations and beliefs about leadership affect your actions (hands)” (32).
  4. Habits. “Your habits are how you renew your daily commitment as a leader to serve rather than to be served. As a leader committed to serve despite all the pressures, trials, and temptations He faced, how did Jesus replenish His energy and servant perspective? His habits! Through a life pattern of solitude and prayer, knowledge of the will of God expressed in His Holy Word, and the community He shared with a small group of intimate companions, Jesus was constantly refreshed and renewed” (33).

What does leadership concerning your heart, head, hands and habits look like in your life? Where is there inconsistency? Where does there need to be alignment?

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