4 Ways The Good News Affects Our Daily Behavior

Show Them Jesus

It’s crucial to help kids see how the good news of Jesus influences our lives. Here are four basic categories where the good news affects our behavior:

  1. Gratitude
  2. Confidence
  3. Hope
  4. Comfort

Concerning these four categories here are several discussion questions to help an individual connect their behavior to the gospel:

  1. Gratitude: What did we learn about Jesus that makes us thankful to him? What opportunities will you have to show your thankfulness this week? How can you remember Jesus at those times?
  2. Confidence: What did we learn about how God empowers his people, making them able to serve and obey him? What helps from the Spirit shall we use to become better servants of God? (Examples of help from the Spirit are prayer, the Bible, and support from others in the church).
  3. Hope: What did we learn about why following Jesus is exciting and worth it? What sometimes feels better than Jesus? Tell about times when putting him first seems to cost you too much. How can you believe Jesus is better at those times?
  4. Comfort: What did we learn that might make you scared you aren’t good enough? Be glad you’re forgiven in Jesus! Which things do you avoid doing for God because you might fail? Ho might you be brave because you know God accepts you even when you fail?

Is there anything else you would add? What are your thoughts about the questions above?

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