Jesus deserves to be the most important person in your life

Names of Jesus

  1. He is God. He manifests the glory of God because he is God.
  2. He is the Firstborn over all creation. He is the preeminent one.
  3. He is the Creator of all things. Everything owes its existence to him.
  4. All things were created for him. He is the center of the universe.
  5. He is eternal (“ before all things”). He is outside of and over creation.
  6. He is the Sustainer of all things. He holds everything together.
  7. He is the Head of the body. He is the king and life-giver for the church.
  8. He is the beginning and Firstborn among the dead. Without his resurrection, no other resurrection is possible.
  9. He is supreme. Nothing else can compare to him!
  10. He is the fullness of God. We need look nowhere else for fullness.
  11. He is the reconciler of all things. His redemptive work leaves nothing in the universe beyond his scope.
  12. He is the peacemaker. He brings the reign of God to earth and joins sinners to himself so that they can enjoy (and not be crushed by) his glory. This only happened because he set aside his glory to die and be raised for us!

Lane, Timothy S.; Tripp, Paul David (2008-05-22). How People Change (pp. 61-62). New Growth Press. Kindle Edition.

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