What Specific Evidences Support the Resurrection of Jesus Christ?

7 Truths

Kenneth Richard Samples in his book 7 Truths That Changed The World: Discovering Christianity’s Most Dangerous Ideas, gives seven evidences that support the truthfulness of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  1. Jesus’ empty tomb. William Lane Craig says, that “there is simply not plausible naturalistic explanation available today that accounts for the empty tomb of Jesus.”
  2. Jesus’ postmortem appearances. He appeared to women, men, friends and even enemies. He appeared to individuals, small groups, and large groups. He was encountered in the morning and in the evening. He was seen, heard, and touched. His appearances were physical and bodily.
  3. There was a short time frame between actual events and eyewitnesses claims. The majority of critical scholars who address the issue think that Paul received his traditional material on the death and resurrection of Jesus from Peter and James the brother of Jesus while he was in Jerusalem approximately a half-dozen year after the crucifixion of Jesus – Gary Habermas
  4. The extraordinary transformation of the apostles. Samples states that “such radical and extensive change deserves an adequate explanation, for human character and conduct does not transform easily or often…the apostles attributed the strength of their newfound character to their direct, personal encounter with the resurrected Christ. In Christ’s resurrection, the apostles found their unshakable reasons to live – and die.”
  5. The greatest conversion in history. This person is Saul of Tarsus. Consider what Samples says about understanding the sheer magnitude of Saul’s conversion: “Imagine the British prime minister and statesman Winston Churchill becoming a Nazi. Or American president Ronald Reagan becoming a communist. Or Fuhrer Adolf Hitler becoming a convert to Judaism. Whatever equivalent one chooses, Paul’s conversion to Christianity was such an absolutely astounding event.”
  6. Emergence of the Historic Christian Church. “According to the New Testament, the apostles turned the world upside down with the truth of the resurrection, and the historic church emerged. This is why many have called the historic Christian church the community of the resurrection.”
  7. Emergence of Sunday as a Day of Worship.



3 thoughts on “What Specific Evidences Support the Resurrection of Jesus Christ?

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  2. Who wrote the Gospels? For what purpose were the Gospels written? Is there any evidence to support the belief that these four first century books were written as eyewitness, historical accounts?

    If it turns out that we do not know who wrote these books, and we do not know for what purpose these books were written (for all we know, they could be historical fictions, written for entertainment purposes only), then doesn’t the entire foundation of the “evidence” argument for the Resurrection fall to pieces?

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