Church health: 1) Does your staff enjoy each other? 2) Are you & your leaders self-aware? 3) How do you evaluate your pastor’s sermon?


Photo by Kathy Hillacre on Unsplash

Each of the below links are to content we believe will help you become a better follower of Jesus and consequently, a more faithful leader and/or church member.

  1. I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoy the team I get to work with. That’s not the case with a lot of my pastor friends. Here’s a good from Dr. Chuck Lawless on signs that your staff team is actually happy together. Read here.
  2. This is a helpful post on spiritual help for those who lack self-awareness. And then the inevitable question comes, “how do you know if you lack self-awareness?” Go ahead read this post — you’ll be encouraged and challenged.
  3. Ever listened to one of your pastor’s sermons and thought, “Wow, that didn’t go well. I’d like to talk to him and share some thoughts without coming across as a curmudgeon. How do I do that?” Read this post for some helpful principles.

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