3 Resolutions to Make…and Keep!


Yes, this is another resolution blog post for 2019.

Cheesy? Perhaps. But life already goes in patterns and cycles, so why not take advantage of it to live more for the glory of God? Let’s make this trip around the sun resound through the days when the Lord God will be our everlasting sun.

My aim here is to reach for things that you will keep. I’m all about setting and reaching for big goals but often times the biggest changes we can make in our lives are the smaller decisions that we live out each day.

So here are three goals we can set…and keep for 2019.

1. Plan to read through your Bible…however long it takes

Many people start a Bible reading plan that has a reading for every day and goes through the Bible in a year. You start off great. You feel good. But then you miss a day. And another day. By March you’re two weeks behind and the guilt starts to set in.

What if you adopted a plan that took you through the Bible in three years (see here)? Or how about one that only had readings for five days a week (like this one)? Or even this one that doesn’t have a set time but let’s you work your way through at your own pace? One year plans work for a lot of people (I do one each year myself) but for others they become a source of guilt. The Bible does not command you to read it through in a year every year. But it does call on us to know it, love it, cherish it, hide it in our hearts, and live by it. Strive to do that in a way that you will keep!

2. Plan to lose 20lbs…over the whole year

If you’re out of shape, how often have you resolved to lose weight, only to be back where you were just a month or two later? People try to make a bunch of changes all at one time: cutting back on sweets and drinking water instead of soda and running/walking every day and counting calories. That’s a lot of changes all at one time.

But what if you only focused on one of those changes? How about taking two months and focus on trading out one soda a day for water? Then take the next two months and carve out time to run/walk. Don’t start out with 30-40 minutes, carve out 10 and try to gradually increase it. Then pick the unhealthiest food you eat and try to cut that out of your diet.

If you focus on one thing at a time and make slow, gradual changes, you’ll lose that weight, get in shape, and stay that way!

3. Commit to your church…in a new way

What new way can you apply your life to God’s people? Are you a member of your church? If not, start there. God’s plan for our growth into Christ is inseparable from the church. We only grow up into Christ as we work together in the church through the gifts given by the Spirit.

Is there an area of your church’s ministry that needs help? Try plugging in there. Is there entertainment you can give up this year that will allow you to give that money to missions? Or a local ministry your church administers? Whom in your church can you encourage? Try writing notes of love and support to the singles in your church or the elderly. How can you invest in the children and youth of the church? Maybe you can host a dinner in your home to say thank you to the children’s workers. Or send gift cards to Bible study teachers to give them and their spouse a night out.

What is a little change you can do this year to invest your life more in God’s people? Little things can go a long way!

Whatever resolutions you make this year, make them attainable and make them lasting and make them an investment in stewarding what you have-your time, your body, your church-for the glory of God.

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