Daily devotion 1.4.20 – how’s your “hearing”?


Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Passages for 1.4.20: Genesis 9-11; Mark 4.

Just as a reminder, the Bible reading plan I’m working through this year can be found here. This plan has five readings per week. Since January started midweek I’m going to write devotions for 1.4 (Sat) and 1.5 (Sun) to carry me through the first full week of readings. In the future, I’ll only write devotions Monday – Friday as it’s simply easier for me to keep track from week-to-week.

In Mark 4:9, Jesus says, “he who has ears to her, let him hear.” What does He mean by this?  Jesus is not being anatomically exclusive, like only those who actually have ears are responsible to hear. Jesus is obviously referring to something else; that something else is the receptivity of their hearts. 

Have you ever told a story and the result was two completely different responses?  This passage in Mark is about the warning and weightiness that God assigns to you, the hearer, that we would hear Jesus’ word rightly. Every time the Word goes out it has two effects: a hardening effect or a softening effect, which is directly related to how you “hear” the Scriptures. 


  • As you read the Bible on your phone or in a physical copy, listen to it on a podcast, hear it preached in a sermon or facilitated in a small group discussion ask yourself the question, “Am I hearing the Bible the way God intended me to hear it?”

The Bible is the recording of God’s voice to us! Wow!  When we read or hear the Bible it should move us to worship, but too often that’s not the posture of my heart and I suspect yours too.

Holy Spirit would you please find anything unclean in me that prevents me from rightly hearing the Bible and would you give me an increased receptivity and appetite to hearing and obeying the Bible? Amen — let it be done.


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