7 characteristics of competent, capable leadership.


Photo by Jehyun Sung on Unsplash

When you think of Jesus he was a great leader, wasn’t He? What are some of the characteristics of Jesus’ leadership?

  • Attracted and equipped people (cities and towns he visited for days, weeks and sometimes even months…invested his life in people)
  • Found and mentored emerging leaders 
  • Engaged in ongoing personal development (through His study of God’s Word, personal time alone with the Father)

What is being a Leader? Here are some characteristics of a competent leader:

  1. They have led people in the past. Individuals with an inclination to lead are invaluable and will not diminish.
  2. They resonate with vision. Every leader must want to advance God’s vision for a group of people.
  3. They are anxious to create meaningful change. Leaders are willing to shatter the comfort zone and design new and better way of doing things.
  4. They are responsible. They’re dependable people.
  5. They have courage. Courage based upon conviction is an incredibly strong attribute to have.
  6. They love God. Their primary focus is God’s vision. Their primary commitment is serving God. Their primary goal is obedience to Him.
  7. They learn quickly and continually. They are deliberately seeking ways in which to grow and upgrade their current abilities.

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