{New Post} Are You a Secure or Insecure Leader?

This past weekend Ed and Kathy Litton facilitated a marriage retreat for Indiana Pastors/Wives and among many of the encouraging and challenging things Ed shared was the issue of where is security found. A Christian’s security should not be in anyone or anything else but the person of Jesus.  If we wrongly place our security in other persons or things insecurity will ensue. To that end, he spoke briefly about some of the characteristics of insecure and secure leaders that I believe is worth repeating.

The picture of an insecure leader is someone who…

  • Constantly shifts blames and never takes ownership
  • Craves the praises of people
  • Is easily paralyzed by indecision
  • Turns friends into enemies
  • Never gives credit
  • Does not communicate with clarity in fear that if the vision/message is understood they won’t be needed
  • Does not release people to do ministry but controls everything

The picture of a secure leader is someone who…

  • Loves people but does not need to be loved by them
  • Needs and loves Jesus
  • Empowers people around them
  • Is generous in the praise of others
  • Is grateful
  • Seeks the benefit of others and takes joy in their success
  • Releases the best in others

Security needs to be in something that is unmovable and that is unquestionably the person and work of Jesus Christ.

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