Are you a Saul or David? Sobering details on Saul’s life


Mistakes Leaders Make Dave CraftHere’s some sobering observations (from Dave Kraft in his book Mistakes Leaders Makeon Saul’s life.

  • Insecurity leads to motivation by fear of failure
  • Circumstances, not God’s desires, control Saul’s choices
  • Rationalization, not repentance, follows his sin
  • He loves the favor and respect of his son, Jonathan
  • He loses favor with God
  • He assumes the problem is with others, not himself, and he plays the blame game
  • He demonstrates inflexibility and won’t admit when he is wrong
  • He seems to prefer popularity rather than obedience
  • He is unduly concerned for his honor and image
  • He refused to take ownership of his decisions and failings
  • He reels that religious activity can compensate for partial obedience

In reading that list are there any that are true of your life right now? If so, take some time to point your heart towards Jesus and turn from those characteristics.

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