Daily devotion 1.3.20 – God is the God of new beginnings


Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Passages for 1.3.20: Genesis 6-8; Psalm 104; Mark 3

Quote from Abraham Kuruvilla, who wrote a commentary on Genesis that I highly recommend.

God’s commands are given at a time when there is no indication of a flood. There’s no sprinkling, no storms coming in, no meteorologists, no drop in barometric pressure. Noah is an individual who believed that God is Lord. His relationship was personal. He trusted in God and submitted himself to God, who knows best. And one act of obedience wouldn’t constitute a description of righteous or blameless but instance after instance constitutes a pattern of righteousness.

The flood account is a difficult passage to process; animal decals on a nursery wall don’t quite capture the devastation and wrath that God poured out. And yet, despite the imminent devastation by God there’s also a commitment to save and preserve. He says in 6:18 I will establish my covenant with you.

One of the big ideas from Genesis 6 – 8 is the truth that through judgment God brings about new beginnings. God is the God of new beginnings. He made a new beginning with Noah and all creatures on the ark. He made a new beginning with Israel when He brought a remnant out of exile and then He also makes a new beginning with Jesus and as people come to believe in Jesus, they are part of this new beginning.

Maybe you’re ready for a new beginning? It doesn’t matter where you’ve been what you’ve done and who you’ve done it with – Jesus is the God who stands ready to give new beginnings every day of every week.

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