Daily devotion 1.2.20


Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Passages for 1.2.20: Genesis 3-5; Mark 2. Thoughts on Genesis 4.

What does God do with Cain? He pursues him, just as He’s pursued many of you reading this. God doesn’t leave us in our sin. Meditate on that truth and think about all the ways God has not abandoned you but continually pursues you. Thank God for this truth!

In reading about Cain I was reminded that Cain isn’t this helpless victim, where he doesn’t have a choice in the matter; he does have a choice. Read Genesis 4:7. In 4:7 we read the first mention of the word “sin” in the Bible. It’s a word that is described as a violent, ravenous animal. Sin is lurking, crouching at your door. It’s ready to pounce on you and will do so if you’re not mindful of what’s going on in your heart. This was true of Cain and it is true for you as well. 

Prayer: Spirit, may I, by your grace have a biblical view of sin and the dangers that it brings. May I stay vigilant to run from sin and stay tethered to you, Jesus. I need your help today. Amen – let it be done.

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