Dr. Akin on alochol abstinence

For me the issue of alcohol is not a very complex issue and it has been a  airly easy decision to abstain from alcohol.  And by the grace of God, alcohol has not been a vice in my life whatsoever, but I know a lot of people where this is not the case.  In fact, I have befriended two people in the last month who are functioning alcoholics; they laugh at their addiction, but it’s easy to see through the psuedo-fulfillment that they find in the bottle.  The argument Dr. Akin provides and the litany of Scripture passages he cites will probably be persuasive to most individuals.  However, where the issue does get a little more interesting for me is that I know a lot of individuals who love Jesus, whose lives attract people to Jesus and yet, they do not have a problem driving down to the local bar and ordering a Miller-Lite or Corona – and it has taken me years to acknowledge that liberty (that individuals do truly have concerning the consumption of alcohol).  However, when given the opportunity to share my opinion on whether or not an individual should or should not drink I always unequivocally, but humbly, share with them that abstinence is the best approach to alcohol.

However, despite your convictions or preferences on alcohol and the consumption of it, Dr. Akin  (President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) gives a cogent argument for the abstinence of alcohol.  Enjoy.

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