Breaking Pornography – Part 1

In my short time as a pastor working with middle, high school, and college students, as well as adults (both young and old) the issue of pornography has been the subject of a multitude of breakfast and lunch appointments and phone calls with men in the church and those outside.  Interestingly enough, several of my unbelieving friends cower in conviction when confronted with the wrongfulness and shame that the issue of pornography brings – but that’s a little off-subject.  I posted an e-book by Mark Driscoll several months ago that speaks forthrightly to this issue and I want to continue to provide tools, articles, etc., that I believe will be helpful in men’s fight against this ramped sin that has entangled so many.   Such is the case with David Powlison’s recent article on the subject.  Too many times we merely think about what not to do, but in his article he explains that this strategy is only half of a winning one.  In order to effectively fight against the enemy we need to fill our minds with truth, (i.e. light), which will in fact dispel the darkness.  Enjoy.

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