My first sermon…

Today I preached my first “official” sermon at Oak Park Baptist Church (or OPBC as some call it).  I preached on Hebrews 10:1-10.  Though it wasn’t your typical Christmas sermon, I believe (at least I hope so!) it communicated what we need to be about this Christmas and that is simply the work and person of Jesus.  The breakdown of my sermon went as follows:

Title – “Do you want the picture or the real thing?” (the use of the word picture refers to the “shadow” that the writer of Hebrews uses to describe the law – since a picture reflects something else [i.e. the real thing] I thought the title captured the essence of the passage.)

Point 1 – See the picture for what it really is: (a) it’s a shadow, (b) it reminds you of your sin every year, and (c) it can’t forgive sins

Point 2 – Believe in God’s will (specifically, referring to God the Father’s will for His Son to replace the old with the new, which was brought about by Jesus offering up His body)

This Christmas I need to (and probably you too) intentionally redirect my focus and attention upon the work and person of Jesus.  He has come and forever perfected me on account of His work (and all those who trust and believe in Him); He has secured it (it’s a done deal); He has given me a clear conscience (there is no need to wallow in sin and allow it to dominate your life); He will never remember my sins, and He has sat down at the right hand of the Father, never having to be sacrificed again.

This Christmas take some concerted time to think through what Christ has done for you and seek to determine how that should influence your life, as well as those around you.

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