Haiti and the amazing article I came across (amazing in a bad way)

I haven’t met a person who has not expressed a deep burden, concern and compassion for those in Haiti.  And that previous statement goes for unbeliever and believer alike.  The loss of life and disaster are unimaginable; truly, in my finiteness I can’t understand upwards of 111,000 people entering into eternity, most of whom do not know the Creator and Sustainer of Life Jesus Christ.  Even as I typed those words I typed them thinking about the next words that will comprise my next sentence rather than the fact that 111,000 people moved into a forever-eternity (sounds redundant and it was…by intention redundant…to remind me and you [the reader who may have “providentially” stumbled across this insignificant blog] that forever really, truly is…forever).  And yet, everyone I have talked to has expressed an emotional hurt that almost, literally physical hurts – for me it has.  Even as I type these words I’m trying to fight back tears; God has been too good to me.  I have everything I could ever want and more.  And yet, in my self-centered way of living and thinking at times I want more and then I’m reminded…Haiti.   Haiti has caused me to stop in my tracks and think about what do I really need in life and most of the time – let me rephrase that – the overwhelming majority of the time my needs are met by God over-and-beyond what I deserve.  All that to say, part of being a Christian, part of being identified with His Kingdom is to be broken and burdened about the less unfortunate.  In fact, Proverbs says that to mock (attack, treat with contempt or derision) the poor is to bring reproach (show disapproval)upon your Maker – whether you acknowledge Him (the God of the Bible) as your Maker is another post to which we can deal with later, but you need to know, He is your Maker, regardless of whether or not we acknowledge Him.  That being said, let me share an article by a certain individual named Paul Shirley.  Not sure if he would identify himself as a religious person, let alone a Christian but I would be willing to bet that he isn’t, given his most unmerciful and flippant spirit in which he writes about Haiti and the devastation that occurred there, which is part of the reason for the post.  As Christians, there must be a Gospel-centered-balance in our lives.  We should not simply preach the Gospel and ignore the physical needs of the person we’re sharing with and conversely speaking, we  should not simply meet the physical needs and ignore the spiritual needs – they go together.  James tells us this in James 1:14-26.  In short, he says faith without works is dead.  And I would extend a word to anyone who is reading this post who may be a Christian.  If you are a Christian, I pray that God, by His grace and mercy has compelled you to pray for or give to the relief efforts currently going on in Haiti…or possibly even go.  If there hasn’t been so much as a thought that has crossed your mind regarding Haiti, I think my first concern (if I were you) would be inward…to my own heart, whereby I would encourage you to ask the question, “Do I know Christ?”  Because if you do, you will be burdened about those around you – their physical and spiritual needs.

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