RELEVANT Magazine’s take on the Grammys

The Grammys are certainly an excellent way to get a glimpse of the culture, which is truly why my wife and I watched them last night.  Lauren and I found ourselves several times throughout the night looking at the TV with looks of dismay because of what was said or done in a commentary portion of the night or in an actual performance (need I mention Lady Gaga?).  And I was reminded last night and even now as I type these words that we truly live in a culture where for a lot of people the issue of being embarrassed because of things they say or do is quickly fading away or is gone already.  Sad, but true.

RELEVANT Magazine gives us a brief overview, with some high-points stated, as well as several videos so you can see some of the performances.  As I “tweeted” last night, the Grammys were all about “sexism, materialism, narcissism, pantheism (yes, that’s right), and of course the typical and frequent onslaught of crass homosexual jokes and undertones.”  Enjoy the summary.

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