Reading Goals – what’s that all about?

This is a great post by Joshua Harris on reading goals, which is actually a summary of a blog-post by a guy named Trevin Wax.  I did not start to enjoy reading until late my junior year at The University of Kentucky and since that year God has given me an insatiable appetite for reading.  In my office, both at work and at my home are countless books; an individual can never have enough books.  And now with the Kindle you can literally carry thousands of books right under your arm in this nifty little piece of technology.

That being said, the task of reading is quite intimidating for some.  Some have an aversion for reading, while others simply choose to turn on the TV or do anything else but pick up a book.  Joshua Harris’ reposting of this blog-post offers some practical tips on what you and I can do to encounter and tackle the “task” of reading more successfully.  Enjoy.

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