Johnny Can’t Preach…Because He Can’t Write.

This chapter is exactly why I started a blog.  Most of us don’t struggle with expressing ourselves.  Most of us can carry a conversation just fine.  But I would be willing to bet that if you were asked to write out your thoughts in a grammatically and structurally sound paragraph or two it might be a different story.  As a pastor, my writing ability (or lack thereof) manifests itself every time I preach a sermon.   As a pastor who manuscripts his sermons, if my writing ability is lacking than my preaching will as well.  I believe that regularly taking time in my week to engage in writing will not only obviously help my writing ability but will also have a dramatic effect in enhancing how I express myself verbally.  How many times have you read something and then tried to write out what you just read, but your ability to do so was mediocre at best?

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