Orphan Care Conference

As a new senior pastor I have experienced many joys and many burdens.  Sometime soon I’ll write about this, but for now I want to draw your attention to one specific burden that has been on my heart months prior to the birth of my first daughter Lucianne (who we adopted almost 15 months ago).  The specific burden I’m referring to is the ever-present question of what to do with the millions of babies, toddlers, and children around the world that are homeless and subsequently, fatherless and motherless and we I can do to help.  One way I believe I can help is by preaching and praying that God would supernaturally and graciously create a culture of adoption and love for orphans at Oak Park Baptist.  Surprisingly, in a relatively small congregation we have had numerous couples adopt.  In fact, the Chairman of the Pastor Search Team adopted his two children; a fact that I believe no doubt helped my candidacy!  That being said, I wanted to draw your attention to the Christian Alliance for Orphans’ national Summit VI, April 29-30, 2010, in Minneapolis.  The specific goal of this conference is “to help Christians create and grow orphan ministry in the local church—from adoption and foster care to overseas orphan care.” 

If you’re praying through what it would look like to see an orphan ministry started at your church or you just have some questions about what it is or where in the world you should start then this a conference you should seriously consider attending.  It promises to be great.

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