“Millican-Day” tomorrow!

Tomorrow my wife and I will celebrate “Millican-Day” with our daughter Lucianne.  This means that 364 days ago our attorney Patricia Strowbridge asked my wife and I questions such as (1) do you believe that a father/daughter and mother/daughter relationship has been established, (2) do you love Lucianne Hope like she was your own, and (3) do you recognize that after today you will have an heir that will be irrevocable and several others that my mind somehow forgot – probably due to the fact that those 15-20 minutes were truly one of the most emotionally intense moments in my life.   And then it happened…a child that we had so desperately wanted; a child that we had so desperately prayed for; a child that we had cried for without ever knowing his/her face; a child came to us through a series of circumstances that oozed the providence of God in every detail and aspect and on March 23, 2009 at about 9:30 in the morning in a court room in the Orange County Courthouse, in Orlando, Florida a judge rendered Lucianne Hope a “Millican”; a rendering that was irrevocable – she will forever be a Millican.  And though her DNA is linked to another couple she is just as much as ours as the little girl named Lydia Grace growing in my wife’s womb.  God has shown Himself to truly be “the giver of every good and perfect gift.”   He has shown Himself to be good and sovereign in so many instances in our lives. 

Praise, glory and honor to you Father for your unceasing goodness to your children.  You have exceeded our expectations.  You are a good and great God!  And I pray that my life and my wife’s life will be a sacrifice of worship filled with deep-seeded gratitude and love for answering our prayer in giving us Lucianne.

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