Transforming Children Into Spiritual Champions

Here is a little summary of one the chapters in George Barna’s book Transforming Children Into Spiritual Champions. 

“God’s plan is for families to lead in the provision of spiritual development for their children.  Churches have a viable role in that process, but it is parents who will be held accountable by God for the spiritual growth of their children.” (Barna, pp. 82)

 Here is what the Bible says about what families should do to raise godly children:

  • Parents should provide the primary spiritual training of children
  • The purpose of spiritual training is to instill a passion to love, obey and serve God
  • Parents must start the spiritual training of children when they are young
  • Worshipping God is one of a believer’s significant responsibilities
  • Spiritual development is a lifelong, continual process
  • Part of the parental responsibility is to introduce appropriate discipline into children’s lives and to avoid pampering them
  • Parents are called to introduce their children to appropriate behavior
  • Spiritual transformation requires us to rely upon God’s grace and power; we must therefore pray for the children we seek to impact for God
  • The basis of spiritual training is the Bible
  • The family will grow in spiritual maturity as it serves God and people as a family unit
  • Young people will retain children perspectives and reasoning unless their parents help them grow beyond such limited thinking
  • Parents are encouraged to work in tandem with reliable spiritual partners – such s the Church – but should be sure that those partners are committed to the things of God
  • The worldview of children should be shaped after the worldview of the parents
  • The father is in charge of passing on the spiritual blessing to the children
  • Before God will hand over great spiritual responsibility to an adult who has children, the parent must give proof of being a dedicated and effective parent

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