Remember that cataclysmic earthquake on January 12, 2010…?

I read an article by Julian Lukins (a writer with World Relief and former daily newspaper journalist in the UK) that was included in the most recent issue of Relevant Magazine concerning Haiti.  The premise of the article is how for weeks it was a media frenzy, but now months later the story is old and there are other issues and tragedies that take front-and-center in our minds and certainly on CNN and FOX.  For most of the media (and us) the “most dramatic of reality shows has ended.”   Sad, but true.  It’s been weeks since I’ve thought or prayed about Haiti and that’s the way life goes isn’t?  We have got to intentionally redirect our hearts to focus upon what matters or else we’ll become so self-absorbed into our own little worlds.

She cites that Haiti, particularly Port-au-Prince, “will essentially need to rebuild from scratch.  Rehabilitation will likely include quake-resistent housing and clean water projects, community health, hygiene and nutritional programs, livelihood restoration and disaster mitigation (preparing communities for future unpredictable events).”   She goes onto write that Haiti is not forgotten…”not so long as the Church is around.  And, as we know, that’s going to be a very, very long time.” 

Good word.

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