Getting at the heart…

That’s a line from Paul David Tripp’s book Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands – People in Need of Change, Helping People in Need of Change.  And I wanted to share a couple of comments he makes concerning the question which serves as the title for this entry.  This is what he has to say concerning the heart:

  1. There is an undeniable root and fruit connection between our heart and behavior.  People and situations do not determine our behavior; they provide the occasion where our behavior reveals our hearts (Tripp, pp. 64).
  2. Lasting change always takes place through the pathway of the heart.  Fruit change is the result of root change.  Similarly, in Matthew 23, Christ says, “Clean the inside of the cup and dish and the outside will become clean.”  Any agenda for change must focus on the thoughts and desires of the heart (Tripp, pp. 64).
  3. Therefore, the heart is our target in personal growth and ministry.  Our prayer is that God will work heart change in us and use us to produce heart change in others that results in new words, choices, and actions (Tripp, pp. 64).

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