Pornography and drugs?

As a Pastor who deals with the issue of pornography and its effects all the time concerning friends and people within the body of Christ, I want  to continually keep this issue before the Church.  As I blog and write about this issue I’m certain that people will say, “aha, that guy is a secret porno addict.”  Truth-be-told, God’s been very gracious in this department; I’m not free from struggles, but in God’s goodness and sovereignty He has protected me over the years from this spiritually debilitating addiction and He has prompted me to put some serious barriers within my life to hinder access to it.  But let me remind you (if anyone is reading this?) that limiting access doesn’t eliminate desires/thoughts.  Our behavior comes from our heart and whatever rules the heart will undoubtedly manifest itself in one’s life.  So, as Paul Tripp asks in his book Instruments in the Reedemer’s Hands, “what’s ruling your heart?”  With regard to pornography there needs to be something deeper and more powerful than simply removing opportunities or limiting access.  As William Farley speaks of in his book “Gospel-Powered Parenting” parents must instill within their children the beauty and majesty of Christ Jesus so their heart will not be inclined to look elsewhere for fulfillment or purpose.  So, by God’s grace I focus my heart upon the glorious truth of the Gospel and the person of Christ Jesus and pray (not nearly as faithfully or steadfastly as I should mind you) that my heart would be attuned to Christ; that God would give me grace to pursue holiness; that God would daily deliver me from myself and that God would keep my heart focused on my beautiful, godly wife.

No doubt, if people knew the ramped addictions that permeate the church (and outside the for that matter) and which are consequently destroying marriages and families it would be utterly heart-breaking.  All that to say, here is a fascinating article on pornography and drugs.  And anyone who things that drugs and pornography don’t have anything in common is simply kidding themselves.  Enjoy

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