Biblical Counseling and Inducement

Inducement means to motivate counselees to make biblical decisions conducive to change.  Here are some steps Wayne Mack states in his chapter from John MacArthur’s book Counseling: How to Counsel Biblically.

  1. Help counselees to accept personal responsibility for their desires and motivations, thoughts, attitudes, feelings, words, and actions.
  2. Bring counselees to the realization that biblical change involve personal choice.
  3. Promote a concern about hearts sins as well as behavioral sins.
  4. Secure a commitment from counselees to put off the desires, thoughts, and actions that hinder biblical change and to replace them with ones that promote biblical change.

Time and time again in my personal dealings with individuals, couples and families the issue of commitment comes up.  It seems to always boil down to a person’s commitment to believe and follow the things of Christ.  Here is a helpful acronym that describes commitment.

A – Acknowledge personal responsibility for thoughts and actions.

C – Choose to look at circumstances in the past and present from a biblical point of view.

C – Commit to eliminate whatever hinders biblical change.

E – Exert energy toward the goal.

P – Persevere in obedience.

T – Trust God for the strength and resources to change.



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