Avoiding sexual sin and staying in the ministry

In the last several months I have been privy to at least two men who are now out of ministry because of sexual sin (both committed ramped adultery). I cannot stress this enough that if you are a pastor there has to be a sense of fear in your spirit about what you’re capable of apart from the grace of Christ Jesus.  The grace to which I just spoke of many times manifests itself simply as good old common sense…such as don’t ever meet with someone of the opposite sex for breakfast, lunch or dinner (if you do, you’re stupid); don’t have an office that doesn’t have a window where people can’t see what’s going on in your office (if you have an office door without a window you’re stupid); have software that is either site-reporting or site-blocking on your phone, iPad, laptop, tv, etc. (if you don’t, again, you’re getting the idea…you’re stupid).

In addition to the common-sensical parameters I’ve mentioned above here is an article that shares some great wisdom on avoiding sexual sin and staying in the ministry.  Enjoy and “be holy as the Lord is holy” (1 Peter 1:16).

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