From the Blog: A prayer for our children

Heavenly Father, I acknowledge and praise you for who you are. Thank you for the blessing of our children. Thank you that you have given us our children to love them and so that we can learn to love you more…for our sanctification…and to glorify you more. Grant us wisdom and grace to train and instruct our children in the Lord. We plead for you to save them, according to your will and timing. We ask you to have mercy on them, in spite of their folly and our failures. Help us to keep remembering your character and promises. Help us to live a holy life as we parent, in our minds/hearts, and in our actions and reactions. Help our delight and joy to be in Christ, even during the times we may sorrow. Give us the grace to do what is right even if others or our children do not understand. Help us not to be proud but to humbly depend on your help and pursue the prayers and help of other Christians. Lord, we do trust your sovereignty, wisdom, goodness, and faithfulness. We look forward to seeing how you are going to work in our lives and our children’s lives, and to the opportunities that you will give us (and possibly our children) to glorify you. Thank you again for the blessing of our children, and most of all, for all of the blessings that we have in you. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Taken from “A Faithful Parent” by Stuart W. Scott and Martha Peace

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