From the Blog: Struggling With Depression – Don’t Listen To The Tape.

This is not an exhaustive “what to do” when struggling with depression but I found these thoughts helpful and hopefully you or someone else you know will as well.

Many times the tape in our head says…

  • You can never be forgiven.
  • God doesn’t love you.
  • You’re not good enough and you never will.
  • Jesus didn’t die for you.
  • God can’t and won’t forgive you for that sin.
  • You aren’t smart enough to trust Jesus.
  • You aren’t holy enough to trust Jesus.
  • God will not be your help in time of trouble and despair.
  • You are the failures of your parents.
  • There is no hope for you.
  • You are the failures of your children.
  • This is the way it will always be.
  • You are your failures.

What do you do with the “tape”?  Jared Wilson says, “don’t press pause. Press eject. Remove the tape, drop it to the ground, and crush it under the heel of Christ, who is your righteousness.”[1] Lastly, with regards to someone struggling with depression Wilson says the following:

The depressed person must defy his depressed self. Stop listening, start talking. Don’t blather. Don’t mumble. Take hold of yourself and preach! Proclaim glad tidings of great joy. (This is not the same as positive thinking of ‘word of faith’ theology’s false doctrine of the tongue’s power. That is magic. This is preaching the sufficiency of Christ.) Tell yourself that you are loved by God, that Christ has died in your stead, that the Spirit lives in you, consecrating you to God and guaranteeing your salvation. Inform yourself that Jesus is your defense attorney, that he pleads his blood in response to every charge brought against you. Tell your depression that its days are numbered, and even if it should – God forbid – last till your dying breath, it will thus be vanquished for all eternity while you escape to everlasting joy. That’s thumbing your nose at it! It won’t win. Christ won, so Christ will. You will outlast your depression, because Christ in you, the hope of glory, will outlast it.[2]

Amen and Amen.

[1] Jared C. Wilson. Gospel Wakefulness. (Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2011), 158.

[2] Ibid., 157.

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