From the Blog: Examples of preaching the gospel to yourself

If you run in conservative Christian circles you’ve probably heard the phrase “preaching the gospel to yourself” a lot. In fact, I believe a lot of people hear it and do not comprehend what that phrase actually means. The bottom-line is many Christians fail to see their need for the gospel on a daily basis. Sure, some Christians will preach to their neighbors, co-workers, kids or even “random” people they meet (by the way the overwhelming amount of individuals who identify themselves as Christians have never preached the gospel to anyone – something that begs the question: have they truly seen and tasted that the Lord is good?). With that in mind here are some examples that Paul Tripp shares in his book Dangerous Calling for the purpose of preaching the gospel to yourself. The context of his words are directed to pastors but the list is applicable to anyone who identifies themselves as a Christian.
  • I do not have to be anxious that I will never measure up, because Jesus perfectly measured up on my behalf.
  • Because grace allows me to get my identity and security vertically, I am freed from building them on what people think of me.
  • I do not have to be haunted by what may be exposed about me, because everything that could ever be exposed has already been covered by the blood of Jesus.
  • I need to remember that my weaknesses are not in the way of productive ministry, but my delusions of independent strength are.
  • I can rest assured that God didn’t get a wrong address when he called me to ministry. My spiritual neediness doesn’t compromise the message of the gospel; rather, my need preaches it.
  • There is only one Messiah, and I am definitely not Him!

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