Here’s Some Practical Steps For The Prideful Person (which is you)

First, you should humble yourself or ….(James 4:7-10) with the Gospel and a Cross-centered perspective.
Here’s some practical steps as well:
  • Pray for God to search your heart (by His Spirit with His Word) and help you repent of pride and to grow in humility (Ps 139).
  • Read the Law, Psalms and the Prophets often to gain a high view of God and a proper view of yourself.
  • Study Jesus (His earthly example; especially in the Gospels – Mt.11:28-30, focus on His humility).
  • Ask others if you come across proud in any way.
  • Spend as much focused time as possible worshipping God (e.g., praising, prayer, reading and meditating). Be sure to center in on the Love of God demonstrated at the Cross.
  • Practice the “one-another” commands (35+).
  • Work with the Holy Spirit to put off pride and put on humility at the level of your motives, thoughts, communication and actions.
    • Go back through the 30+ manifestations of pride and evaluations how and when you might evidence them. You can find that list here.
    • Go back through the 24+ manifestations of humility and plan how you can be more humble in the typical situations you are in. You can find that list here.
  • Have the mindset that humility must be a way of life (Phil 2:1-11).

Taken from, From Pride to Humility, Bemidji, Minnesota: Focus Publishers, 2000.

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