Here’s a tool to disciple the men in your church…

A couple years ago we had the idea to put together a devotional guide to coincide w/the current sermon series I was preaching through. We did this as a way to get men/women in the Word and to disciple men, as they would be responsible for finding a passage and writing some short commentary on the verses or passage and then we published it for our church family to read through; the fact that their whole church family would be reading it served as a means to really make sure that they did their homework in writing a theologically sound and relevant devotional thought…which also meant that we had a lot of conversations about the Word w/many men.  In fact, we’ve had almost 25 men contribute to the project.  It’s been a hugely successful discipleship tool.

We break up the project into quarters, so the current one is January – March 2014.  This next year we’re going to read through the Bible in two years, which means the devotional guide has an individual reading 2 chapters a day, while giving them a 50-60 word devotional thought (that coincides w/the passages the individual has just read). If you’re looking for a devotional to supplement your time in the Word then feel free to use this one or if you wanted to steal the idea and make it your “own” go for it!

Here is our Devotional Booklet 1st Quarter 2014.

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