The goal of parenting teens is…?

Age of Opportunity

Paul David Tripp in his book Age of Opportunity, says that the goal of parenting teens is “to raise children who were once totally dependent on us to be independent, mature people who…are able to stand on their own two feet.” Additionally, parents should seek “to be used of him [God] to instill in our children an ever-maturing self-control through the principles of the Word and to allow them to exercise ever-widening circles of choice, control and independence.”

But what does spiritual maturity in the life of a teenager actually look like? Here are seven signs Tripp gives:

  1. An independent life of personal worship and devotion
  2. A desire for corporate worship and instruction
  3. A pursuit of fellowship in the body of Christ
  4. An openness to discuss spiritual things
  5. Approaching decision-maing from a biblical perspective
  6. A desire to serve others and to share one’s faith
  7. A desire to give of one’s financial resources to support God’s work


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