God doesn’t work to pump up your self-confidence

Sex and Money

Paul Tripp reminds us in Sex and Money of an unshakable and hope-giving promise that God gives us His presence in the midst of difficulties.

  • When God called Moses to confront Pharaoh, the most powerful ruler on earth, and Moses was afraid to go, God said, “I will be with you” (Exodus 3:12)
  • When God called Joshua to lead Israel to defeat the warring nations of Palestine, God reminded Joshua that he was with him wherever he went (Joshua 1:5, 9)
  • When Gideon was scared to death at the thought of leading Israel against the pirate nation of Midian, God said, “The Lord is with you” (Judges 6:12)
  • When God called David to be king over a defeated and divided Israel, God reminded David that he had been with him and encouraged him that he would continue (2 Samuel 7:9)
  • When Jesus sent out is novice disciples to take the gospel to a world that didn’t want it, he reminded them that he would be with them always (Matthew 28:20)

Christian, the greatest truth and promise to proclaim in the midst of whatever difficulty you’re going through is the fact that we have God’s presence in our life, through the fact that we’ve come to know him through His Son Jesus. Rest in that reality today.

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