Eternity helps clarify values

Sex and Money

Have you ever thought about the truth that thinking about eternity can help you in your fight against sin? Most people haven’t and I confess it doesn’t cross my mind as much as it should. In his book Sex and Money, Paul Tripp gives several truths about eternity that can help us walk in freedom from sin (in particular money, but the application is certainly for all sin). Here are several:

  • The existence of eternity immediately tells me that I have been designed for an existence with fundamentally bigger concerns than a right-here, right-now focus on my wants, my needs, my feelings.
  • The existence of eternity tells me where and when my only true satisfaction will be found.
  • The existence of eternity clarifies my values by alerting me to what is truly important.
  • The existence of eternity tells me the danger of giving way to the temptation to worship the creation and not the Creator.
  • The existence of eternity gives me hope when I sin. I hope not in my track record but in His.

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