Seven specific word pictures of Christ’s atoning work

7 Truths

  1. Salvation – the notion of salvation carries with it the idea of being healed or liberated and conveys the concept of being freed from danger or released from captivity.
  2. Legal Substitutionary Sacrifice – Jesus assumed the identity of sinners and died as their substitute sin-beader and in the process of his sacrifice on the cross, he also exchanged his righteousness (derived from his perfect law-keeping) for their sin.
  3. Propitiation – the averting of God’s holy wrath against people when the sin.
  4. Reconciliation – apart from Jesus we’re enemies of God and have a relationship of hostility. Jesus’ death assuaged God’s wrath and has broken down the wall of separation. As a result, God’s attitude towards sinners has changed.
  5. Redemption – this entails the notion of securing the release from someone who is held in captivity by praying for his or her discharge. People are held in bondage and enslaved by sin and cannot break free. Jesus pays the ransom and sinners are liberated from sin’s captivity.
  6. Justification – this refers to the judicial (legal) act of God whereby he acquits the believer of wrongdoing and accepts the person as righteous in his sight based on the perfect, imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ.
  7. Adoption – this refers to the fact that when people trust in Jesus a person is adopted into the family of God and they are granted the full status and inheritance of being his children, whereby they can enjoy all of the privileges of being sons and daughters of God.

Kenneth Richard Samples, 7 Truths That Changed The World: Discovering Christianity’s Most Dangerous Ideas (Grand Rapids: Baker, 2012), 147-152.

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