Time management is an expression of your Christian faith

Matt Perman Time Mgmt

Matt Perman has an excellent book entitled, What’s Best Next: How the Gospel Transforms The Way You Get Things Done.  Chapter 4 answers the question why we need to be God-centered in our productivity. He briefly walks through the progression of thinking regarding time management that I found helpful, as well as convicting.

  1. Get organized through lists, reminders and to-do lists.
  2. Incorporate calendars and goal setting in order to accomplish lists.
  3. Clarify your values where you set goals that undergird a person’s values.
  4. Values need to be guided by principles, which are unchanging truths and ideals that represent what is most important
  5. Principles need to be guided by that which is to be the center of a person’s life. The center of a person’s life is to be God.

In light of that it is clear that a God-centeredness is the ultimate approach in which a person is informed, understands and driven to biblically manage their time. Where are you on the list? Is your understanding of time management merely putting lists together and dates or reminders to accomplish those lists? Is your understanding of time management informed by values or principles? Christians need to see the manner in which they get things done as an expression of their Christian faith and a discipline that they need to think about more deeply.

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