Our problem is we misidentify what makes us happy


Augustine taught that all people seek happiness, and they attach themselves to things they believe will make them happy. That attachment is experienced as love. The main human problem, however, is that, because of sin, we misidentify what will make us happy. As we have discussed before, the result is disordered loves – loves ‘out of order.; We either love what we ought not to love, or we fail to love what we should love more. If a man loves making more money than doing justice, he will exploit his workers and employees. If he loves his career more than his children, his family relationships will be real down.

What’s the reason this happens? Tim Keller continues…

The ultimate reason for our misery, however, is that we do not love God supremely. As Augustine so famously put it in prayer, ‘You have made us for yourself, as our our hearts are restless until they find their rest in you.’ (Confessions 1.1.1.)


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