Developing A Heart For People Who Don’t Know Christ

Evangelism 2






Timothy Beougher wrote a helpful book several years ago entitled Overcoming Walls to Witnessing. In the chapter Breaking the Wall of Apathy, he gives 5 ways to develop a heart for lost people that I wanted to pass on.

  1. Honestly face the truth that people outside of Christ are destined for hell, separated from God and love for eternity.
  2. Recognize that time is short.
  3. Spend consistent time in Scripture.
  4. Spend time with people who do not know Jesus.
  5. Spend time in intercessory prayer.

Have you faced the sobering reality that eternity is forever? Do you live in light that our lives are here one day and gone the next? Do you regularly spend time in Scripture where you will inevitably see the heart and mission of God for the world? Do you have any friends who do not know Jesus and do you spend time with them? Are you praying fervently and regularly for people who do not know Jesus?

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