Would people describe you as rude? Work through this list…

Wayne Mack Maximum Impact

Practical ways to put this into practice:

  • It means you will be careful and tactful in the way you talk to others
  • It means you will change habits if it annoys people
  • It means that you will not be overbearing or harsh towards people over whom you have authority
  • It means that you will not be harsh or rude to neighbors – what’s your testimony at work like? What’s your testimony in your neighborhood like? Kathy who wrote a letter and expressed concern bc a member here just acting really rude?
  • It means you will not be disrespectful to those who have God-given authority over you
  • It means that you will not demean or belittle people around you (examples)
  • It means that you will not make promises you can’t keep
  • It means you won’t neglect your God-give role/responsibility at home
  • It means that you won’t slander others or gossip about them
  • It means that you won’t take for granted what people do for you
  • It means that you will actively listen to others who make suggestions
  • It means that you will not expect/demand something of someone else that you’re not willing to do yourself
  • It means you won’t be discourteous and rude to other drivers
  • It means that will not be abusive verbally/physically

Why? Christ isn’t rude, therefore we’re called to not be rude.

  • Love is much more than being gracious and considerate, but it is never less. To the extend that our living is ungracious and inconsiderate it is also unloving and unchristian. Self-righteous rudeness by X’s can turn people away from X before they have a chance to hear the gospel…the messenger can become a barrier to the message. If people do not see the ‘gentleness of Christ’ (2 Cor 10:1) they are less likely to see Him in the gospel we preach (142)

Ask those closest around you to describe you? Would they describe you as a courteous and considerate person? Your spouse, children, parents, family, neighbors, fellow employees?

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