Struggling with bitterness or resentment? Read/meditate on these passages…

Martin Luther King bitternessBitternes, resentment, and hate all run closely together. Here are some passage to read and meditate on concerning bitterness:

  1. The Bible calls us to put away bitterness (Eph 4:31)
  2. We’re called to stop biting and devouring one another (Gal 5:15)
  3. Bitterness belongs to the sinful nature (Gal 5:19)
  4. We’re not to let bitterness take root in the heart (Heb 12:15)
  5. Joseph’s brothers allowed bitterness to grow into hatred and murder in their heart (Gen 37)
  6. Cain’s anger turned to bitterness, hatred, and murder (Gen 4:3-8)
  7. Hatred is forbidden (Lev 19:17)
  8. One who hates lives in darkness (1 John 2:9-11)
  9. The way of a malicious man is deceitful (Prov 26:24-26)
  10. Hatred is murder (1 John 3:11-20, 3:15)

The above list is found in the Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling.


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