Practice Self-Critique in Preaching

On Preaching

  1. Preach. Put simply, “you learn to preach any preaching” (111) so preach.
  2. Study Preaching. A preacher should become a student of preaching, which means read books on preaching, perhaps take a class on preaching and listen to good preachers and ask the question, “what makes them good”?
  3. Focus on the message. H. B. says, “it is the content of our preaching that makes us faithful, not the style” (112). Thus, focus on handling the Word rightly.
  4. Be yourself. My daughter has a shirt that reads, “be yourself, everyone else is taken.” That’s good advice.
  5. Expose yourself to great preaching. Listen to other preachers and expose the congregation you serve to other preachers.
  6. Practice self-critique. Not only does this foster humility in a preacher’s heart (James 4:6) but it will help him hear/see where he needs to make improvements.
  7. Get healthy feedback. Solicit the input of individuals that are mature in the faith, as well as love you and ask them to give you feedback on your sermons.
  8. Strive for excellence. “Work to be a prepared, strong, and growing minister. Let your progress be evident to all (1 Timothy 4:15).”
  9. Be patient. You are a work in process (Philippians 2:12-13), which means that your preaching is a work in progress, so be patient.
  10. Don’t worry about it. I love that this was last. Hopefully, you’ll strive to be faithful to the Word and prayerfully depend on the Spirit but in the end it’s not really about you, but the One in whom you represent: Jesus.

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